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August 17, 2021 4 min read

Is your newborn child is constantly crying? Can you not seem to find the reason for it? Your child may be suffering from a condition called colic. It starts when babies are only about two weeks and the condition will not go away until your baby is 12 to 15 weeks old.

But what exactly is a BabyColic

It is defined as a condition of the digestive system in which babies lack good bacteria in their gut causing, stomach pains, spams and gases, and an infant who is not sick or hungry cries for no apparent reason throughout the day.  

Today I will introduce you to a product called Tummy Soothdeveloped by Biotix Care.These baby colic drops contain probiotics, which are good bacteria that improve a baby's digestive system and treat colic pain.

What is Tummy Sooth?

Tummy Sooth is a dietary supplement that contains probiotics because when a baby is born, his digestive tract lacks the good bacteria essential for a well-functioning gut, which as mentioned before, results in issues like stomach pain, gas, and colic. 

 These Tummy sooth drops are created after meticulous research to help your baby’s digestive and immune system. These probiotics will help establish a healthy gut flora that keeps your baby healthy and well.

Probiotics are live microorganisms that change the microflora of the gut and provide beneficial health effects.  There is growing evidence to suggest that intestinal flora in colicky infants is different from those in healthy infants, and it is suggested that probiotics can redress this balance and provide a healthier intestinal microbiota landscape.

These Tummy Sooth drops have been scientifically proven to help with colic, and with regular use of these colic drops, your baby’s crying spells will minimize. It has been clinically demonstrated as well that after two weeks of regular consumption, crying spells reduce by 60%. This formula contains the most common probiotic - Bifidobacterium animalis subsp. lactis BB-12 - a very potent probiotic that works through a unique mechanism of action to promote healthy gut bacteria. This strain is homofermentative, which means that it will not produce gas in your baby's gut, and most infants can safely use them.

Be aware that Tummy Sooth has been expertly formulated using strict quality control. These baby colic drops have years of research to back up the claims, and they are manufactured with utmost care and quality. The formulation is gentle on your baby's gut, and it is free of all common allergens like Soy, Gluten, Lactose, and Dairy.

How can you tell if your baby has colic?

While it's true that all infants cry, it is usually to express their needs as they can't communicate any other way. However, if it seems that if your baby cries inconsolably for hours through the day and nothing can soothe him, it may be a sign that he is suffering from colic. Generally speaking, the cry of a colicky baby is much louder and intense; ultimately, his face may turn blue or red during the episode.

If you suspect that your baby may have colic, but you're not sure, check for these signs:

Baby cries for at least 3 hours per day, couple of days per week, and at least three weeks. If your newborn started having these episodes around two weeks of age, he likely has colic.

  • The colic episodes tend to repeat at the same time of the day, which may be in the morning or evening. If your baby has this pattern of crying, you should think of colic.
  • If your baby is crying after he has been fed and changed, and he is at a comfortable temperature, it may be a sign of colic.
  • During an episode of colic, a baby usually makes some gestures that are generally not seen. He may pull his legs to his abdomen, clench his fists, or look typically restless. Babies also tend to shut the eyes tightly while crying, and their brows may be furrowed.
  • Some babies go through brief spells of apnea during the pain, which means they stop breathing momentarily. The baby can even turn blue while crying.
  • Babies may pass gas or have a bowel movement during these episodes.

Benefits of administering Tummy Sooth to your Infant

  • Relief from colic: Your baby may be suffering from colic because of an imbalance between good and bad tummy bacteria. These Tummy sooth colic drops help balance out the bacteria so that your baby is pain-free and happy.
  • Provides probiotics: Probiotics are vital for gut health, and they help control the harmful bacteria from causing trouble in the belly. Probiotics also aid in digestion so that your baby's digestive system works its best.

How to use Tummy Sooth?

These tummy sooth drops are easy to administer, and you can mix them with formula feed or breast milk. The dose is five drops per day, and each container contains 50 servings, so one bottle should last you a month.


If you are a new parent who just can’t figure out how to soothe your crying baby, you need to learn about this probiotic liquid which is one of the best baby colic remedies for a child. Colic can be a painful condition, and when your baby is uncomfortable, he will stay irritable all day long and may not feed properly. These drops are proven to help symptoms of colic and stomach upset, and they promote your baby’s gut health so he can grow bigger and stronger!

At Biotix we care for your baby!  We therefore, are happy to bring you high-quality probiotic colic drops for babies colic relief and at the best prices.

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