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October 05, 2021 3 min read

 Best Probiotic Supplements for Gut Health

A healthy gut is more than just being able to digest food; it is needed for every aspect of our day to day lives. When the flora and fauna of our digestive tract isn’t balanced, it can cause pain, bloating and interfere with daily life. If we can’t get this by the food we eat, we need to find the best gut health supplements.

Probiotics are strains of good bacteria that allow our guts to do the job they were intended for. There are a number of ways to maintain good gut health, but some may not taste all that great, and others may cause allergies. This leads many to search for supplements that don’t cause those problems.

Finding a good supplement is harder than it sounds. The more strains of these bacteria there are in the supplement, the better. The supplement should have representative bacteria from these three: Lactobacillus, Bifidobacterium andStreptococcus. There are other strains that may be added, but the best gut health supplements have at least these three.

You may be thinking that yogurt will do the job, and that is a possibility. However, stomach acid has a tendency to kill off the two strains found in normal yogurt. Some yogurt makers add extra bacteria to fend off the stomach acid, so you’d have to read the label very carefully.

There are other food sources for these bacteria, but not everyone can handle them. The taste of fermented cabbage, whether in sauerkraut, kimchi or other formats is not to everyone’s liking. Kefir and yogurt are both milk products and the lactose intolerant may have a hard time with them.

This is where the best probiotic supplements for gut health come in. There are hundreds of products out there; are they all the same? Not really, according to There are several key things to look for in the product and at least one on the label.

CFU: This stands for colony forming units; the more of these, the better. One billion may sound like a large number, but you’ll need between ten and forty billion in a supplement for it to work.

Strain diversity: Some of the run of the mill probiotics out there only contain one or two strains of bacteria. You need to look for one that has seven to twelve strains. This goes back to the yogurt, which only has two strains. Stomach acid is strong stuff. If you want the best gut health supplements, it’s necessary to find those that have more than two strains.

Substrains: These are usually found next to the strain diversity information. This lets you know that the strain has been clinically tested and found to be useful. All of the best gut health supplements provide this information.

Doctor formulated: It takes a lot of knowledge to make an effective product. Unless the product is created by folks who know what they are doing… i.e. doctors… there’s no real guarantee that they will work.

Warning: This is also included on the site mentioned above. Some strains of gut bacteria are more expensive to produce than others. A company that wants to make money without spending a lot of it may not tell you the quantities of the various types of bacteria. If they don’t, they may not put a lot of the expensive stuff in there.

There are a few other things to watch out for. Probiotics that need refrigeration tend to be unstable. That means that the bacteria may die fairly quickly and the product won’t do its job. Always look for products that can be kept at room temperature.

Sometimes companies will add things, either to help stabilize the product or to make it look bigger. These can be irritants to some and dangerous to others. Look for a strain that is free of soy, gluten and dairy. It should also be free of fillers.

If you are looking for the best probiotic supplements for gut health that meets all of these standards (and more), look no further. Flora by Biotix Care is your product. 





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