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When Should My Baby Use Probiotics?

As your baby grows up, especially after 6 months of age, they will be able to physically eat more solid food and drink more things.

As they have never eaten solid food before this point, it is inevitable they may suffer tummy discomfort or some sort of stomach illness. 

There is no need to worry, in most cases, this is just your child’s digestive system developing more harmful bacteria. This is causing an imbalance in their body which is causing discomfort in the tummy.

At this time, giving your child some probiotics will offset the problems the harmful bacteria are causing and will return the body to its normal state, alleviating the tummy discomfort in the process. 

What Methods Can I UseTo Give My Baby Probiotics? 

If your child is having tummy discomfort, probiotics are a good way to combat them. However, you cannot just give any probiotic supplement to your baby as it may do more harm than good.


Infants/Newborns less than 6-months-old:

This is the most vulnerable stage of your child as they cannot eat or drink most things except your breast milk. 

If your child at this stage is having tummy discomfort, go for a liquid probiotic. The benefit of a liquid probiotic is that it can easily be consumed by your infant and can easily be mixed with breastmilk or even directly put in drops in your infant’s mouth.  

A good option to go with would be Tummy Soothe.


Baby 6-months and older:

At around 6 months of age and older, your baby will be able to eat solid foods and more drinks. For tummy discomfort, a liquid probiotic can be given, however, powdered probiotics may also be given as they may be easier to mix in your child’s food or drinks. This will both alleviate their discomfort and improve a healthy gut.

Though taking probiotics in the form of liquid, powder, or even pills is a good thing to do, you can never beat the classics.

Consider fermented foods as “food medicine.” Once your child can begin eating solid foods, it is encouraged to introduce a small amount of fermented food right away into their diet as it will improve their immunity, aid digestion, and improve the nutritional quality of the food as well.

An important tip to remember is never exposing the probiotic to heat, this will kill the good bacteria, rendering the probiotic useless.

As with any medication, always consult your child's pediatrician before purchasing any probiotic.

 How Often Should My Baby Use Probiotic Supplements?

Nearly all probiotic supplements, whether it be in a liquid, capsule, or powdered state, can be given every single day. If there is an exception, it will be written on the medication itself.

To know the correct dosage for your child’s tummy discomfort, always ask your child’s pediatrician as they know what is best for your child. 

To sum it up

Probiotics for your babies are one of the best-proven ways for any parent to relieve their babies' tummy discomfort. 

Probiotics have been in use for thousands of years due to their limitless benefits.  

By giving your baby probiotics, you’re not only alleviating their tummy pain, but you are making their immune system and digestive track strong as well.


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