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As a company, we believe in the power of giving back and take this very seriously.
We have carefully selected a charities to donate to on behalf of the Biotix Care community and customers. We understand the importance of taking care of our community and preserving our environment, and work towards this every single day. Giving back is at the very core of Biotix Care. We thank you for making a true difference to people's lives.

Supporting Health Workers

We have donated Biotixcare Vitamins to nurses in the ICU sectors at various Sydney hospitals (including RPA and Sydney Children’s Hospital), to support our nurses by helping to maintain their energy levels, and provide stress relief and sleep support, especially during the intensity of the Coronavirus pandemic. We are committed to provide continued support to healthcare workers, as a token of our gratitude.


One of the reasons we use FedEx and UPS packaging is because they are 100% recyclable, and 49% is made from recycled content. You can be sure you’re getting the packaging that’s as environmentally responsible as it is durable. And that can help make every shipment worry-free. Biotix Care promises to continuously work toward new solutions that permit us to be eco-friendly and respectful of mother earth and all the things that she protects.

Sponsorship of Children’s Studies in Venezula

With your love and support, Victoria Corrales and her spouse, Anthony Longo are able to sponsor two young children's studies in Caracas, Venezuela. We sincerely look forward to helping these two students who are passionately pursuing their studies to enable them in their career and transform them into leaders to continue our mission.Together with your help we forge ahead each day to make our planet better.


Biotixcare is committed to always doing better for our environment. We continuously push our manufacturers to create better solutions for all of our products. All Biotixcare Vitamins bottles are recyclable in your normal household recycling and we use environmentally friendly high-tech packaging materials wherever possible. The use of these renewable sources of bio-plastic along with FSC-certified card and sustainable vegetable inks greatly helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We have mainly vegan products and ensure that any marine-sourced ingredients (fish oil, marine collagen and kelp) are certified by sustainable bodies and work with natural cycles to minimise ecological harm. Biotixcare pledge to always work toward new solutions that allow us to be more sustainable and conscious of our precious Earth and her resources.