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What we do: Top Rated Probiotics Supplements

We design and make innovative gut health formulations with the world’s leading probiotic strains and delivery systems.


What sets us apart from other companies offering Probiotics?

We are partnered with an industry leader in probiotic manufacturing who has been creating market-leading probiotic products for over 20 years. Our partner produces hundreds of formulations for various clients in over 20 countries and for leading brands.


Our Vision:

We aspire to offer the best quality probiotics out there that our customers can trust and recommend to family and friends, probiotics that healthcare practitioners can confidently prescribe to their patients as we truly believe in making a difference to the quality of life of our customers by forging a sustainable and mindful company.


Our Mission

Our goal, is to bring health benefits through our products that elevate your general well-being;
Your health comes first.

We make supplements in vegetarian formula capsules made specifically to optimize your gut health and help support your immune system. At Biotix Care we create high quality products that are free of dairy, soy, GMO and gluten. Our mission throughout the decades has remained the same: Improve your overall health through a healthy gut.


We are proud that Biotix Care supplements are made in Canada with select ingredients from around the world, by experts in our manufacturing facilities. Unlike any other country, Canada is probably the only country in the world where dietary supplements are highly regulated, and Health Canada has implemented stringent measures to enforce that manufacturers of dietary supplements and nutritional products adhere to international manufacturing, quality and testing standards which when followed to the letter of the law can only lead to highest quality products. We pride ourselves to not only adhere but, excel and supersede the quality standards above and beyond the expected standards laid out by Health Canada. Believe it or not, for others, that’s rare. We craft our products ourselves—, with only the best raw materials. We strive to avoid artificial ingredients and unnecessary fillers, binders, or colorings. And make our products non-GMO, vegetarian, gluten-free, Dairy-free, Kosher, and Halal. That’s the standard we hold ourselves to every day.


It’s about YOU:

We’re grateful for our generations of loyal customers and we look forward to many more generations to come. If you are just discovering us, we invite you to join us as we support the health and wellbeing of each and every person who desire to elevate their health.

Biotix has teamed up with a leader in the probiotics industry that has been developing, manufacturing and innovating probiotic supplements for various retail brands since 2001. Armed with the scientific knowledge and an understanding of our customer needs, we are dedicated in bringing to you premium quality probiotics, vitamins, minerals herbs and nutritional supplements, backed by science based formulations. With quality on our side, we endeavor to be the best probiotic supplement brand with firm focus on excellent customer service and support. Our mission is also to educate and enable our customers to make informed choices on their nutrition, lifestyle and supplementation that we believe will transform their quality of life.
From research to manufacturing and even to method of delivery, we directly control each and every step along the way, ensuring consistent and efficient service for our clients. We take your health very seriously and have made that our mission to help you improve your and your family’s health to us! 

  • Made at Façoteck by JAV Pharma in Canada
  • Uncompromising, highest quality standards
  • GMP certified facility
  • Top rated supplements for weight loss, baby colic relief, gastrointestinal health, supporting immune function, skin care and bone health.
  • All products and ingredients are tested by accredited third party laboratory for identity, potency and purity including heavy metals, microbial contamination, residual solvents etc.
  • Clinically studied ingredients
  • Formulated by wellness experts
  • Effective formulation via meticulous strain selection and designing optimal dosage and development of delivery systems
  • Potency and stability of formulations sustained from manufacturing through to expiry date
  • Health Canada licensed registered manufacturing facility.
  • UL Certified
  • FDA Registered Facility


Thank you for being our driving forcer. You make all the difference to people's lives. 

Sponsorship of Children’s Studies in Venezuela

With your love and support, Victoria Corrales and her spouse, Anthony Longo are able to sponsor two young children's studies in Caracas,
Venezuela. We sincerely look forward to helping these two students who are passionately pursuing their studies to enable them in their career and transform them into leaders to continue our mission.

Together with your help we forge ahead each day to make our planet better.


One of the reasons we use FedEx packaging is because they are 100% recyclable, and 49% is made from recycled content. You can be sure you’re getting the packaging that’s as environmentally responsible as it is durable. And that can help make every shipment worry-free.

Biotix Care promises to continuously work toward new solutions that permit us to be eco-friendly and respectful of mother earth and all the things that she protects.