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May 02, 2022 3 min read

Should newborns take probiotics?

Whether your newborn suffers from Colic, gas, or constipation, or they are healthy and you’re looking to help boost their immune system, you should definitely consider giving your baby probiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria we need in our intestines as humans. From the day we begin to eat through the rest of our lives, bad bacteria is always making its way into our guts. Some good bacteria get in there to balance it if we try, but probiotics are a great way to assure we have a healthy balance–therefore boosting our digestive systems and overall health.

 As a new mom, you may have heard about probiotics as an option for your baby and are looking for some guidance. Like many things in life, there are all kinds of opinions on the subject, but we’ve done our research for you and are here to help you and your growing baby’s overall health.


Here are 5 reasons why you should give your newborn probiotics!

1.Probiotics can aid the establishment of your newborn’s digestive system.

Just as your newborn’s head, fingers, and toes are growing every day, their insides are maturing and growing constantly. Babies are born with a completely unpolluted gut. As they begin to grow, bacteria is introduced to their guts via formula or breast milk–and then food and water, of course, when they get older. The introduction of all this bacteria to babies’ guts is a crucial factor of how their digestive system will continue to develop, so helping your baby develop the strongest digestive system from day one is in every mom’s interest. Probiotics have been proven to help babies with their day-to-day digestion, and getting started early will help build a strong foundation to build upon.


2.Probiotics can help manage your baby’s allergies and/or eczema symptoms.

It has been proven time and time again that every human’s gut is the “headquarters” of their immune system. Having a strong immune system means your body can not only fight off viruses and a common cold, but it can better manage allergies and even prevent things like eczema from developing. With babies being so new to the world and suddenly exposed to so many germs and potential allergens, probiotics can help boost their immune system to fight them off–or at the very least, minimize the symptoms.


3.Probiotics can reduce the frequency and duration of your baby’s diarrhea.

This may seem obvious, but a boosted digestive system means less symptoms of a struggling one. Giving newborns probiotics has been proven to help prevent digestive issues like painful gas, frequent diarrhea, or even constipation–and they are especially helpful while taking antibiotics. Taking probiotics helps maintain a healthy balance in a newborn’s everchanging gut–resulting in way less struggles for Baby and Mom!


4.Probiotics can help prevent urinary tract infections from your baby.

Probiotics are a great way to balance the bacteria in your baby’s gut, helping their digestive system and immune system overall. A healthier, regular digestive system is way more likely to be able to fight off digestion-related ailments like urinary tract infections. On top of that, a healthy immune system is crucial to fighting off negative bacteria if it enters the body, therefore preventing UTIs.


5.Probiotics can help make for a happier baby overall.

Giving your baby probiotics every day can literally help them be, well, happier! Studies have shown that babies on probiotics cry and fuss less. This could be due to a decrease in gas pains or digestive issues, allergy symptoms, or everyday viruses causing discomfort. 

Probiotics help foster a strong, healthy gut in newborns–resulting in a stronger and healthier baby overall. A stronger, healthier baby is a happy baby. It’s that simple.

Talk to your doctor before giving probiotics to your infant to assure you’re picking the right probiotic for your baby. Probiotics are considered a supplement by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are, therefore, not regulated like medications.



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